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HEALING RECIPE FOR PAINFUL MENSES Tags: Kenor International Dr Keny F Bastien Cures Treatments Painful Menses PMS Healing Recipe Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Powers Watermelon




Painful Menstruation is a recurrent monthly experience that young women endure with much anxiety. It is obvious that no comfort can be found in anticipating such a period of suffering, of disarray, and of hormonal torture.

The treament for this disorder begins with a regular intake of fluid and more precisely, water!


Grounded Watermelon Seeds:

A 1/2 teaspoon of ground watermelon seeds consumed regularly at every meal, stimulates the secretion of progesterone and estrogen. These hormones directly affect menstrual pains and can alleviate their effects.

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HEALING RECIPE FOR INFERTILITY Tags: Kenor International Kenor Dr Keny F Bastien Cures Treatments Infertility Healing Recipe Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Powers Tea Garlic




Infertility, which occurs in men as well as women, is often the result of complex pathological causes, which your physician should absolutely be consulted about. At the same time, you can attempt to intelligently treat your sexual glands by taking 50 mg of zinc and 500 mg og vitamin B6 daily. Here is one of many recipes extracted from "Common Foods With Wonderful Healing Properties." page 46


Daily Tea:

  • coriander leaves
  • chopped garlic


A daily dose of this tea will act as an excellent stimulant for your libido. You should always remember to also take 500 mg of vitamin B6 and 50 mg of zinc.


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HEALING RECIPE FOR DIABETES Tags: Kenor International Kenor Dr Keny F Bastien Cures Treatments Diabetes Healing Recipe Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Powers B-15




Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can be corrected with a variety of foods and vitamins. Here is a selection from page 28 of "Common Foods With Wonderful Healing Properties." For more recipes purchase the ebook online now!

Take Vitamin B-15.

The di-methylglycine acts as a sugar regulator. In other words, when the sugar level rises, vitamin B15 reduces it. When the level is low, it raises it. This is a vitamin that also increases the transportation of oxygen to the brain.

* Di-methylglycine ocurs naturally in small amounts in the cells of plants and animal.



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HEALING RECIPE FOR HYPERACTIVITY: Celery Juice. Tags: Kenor International Kenor Dr Keny F Bastien Cures Treatments Hyperactivity Healing Recipe Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Powers Celery




Hyperactivity is defined as intense or excessive activity. This type of behavior is observed mostly in young children or school aged adolescents. This condition is perceived by experts and psychottherapists as a psychological disorder. As such, it is reported that hyperactivity is treated with only relative success.

We believe that certain deficiencies are directly responsible for hyperactivity. This point of view is entirely shared by the Psychiatric Orthomolecular School and by its leading authority, Dr. Abram Hoffer. For this reason, we suggest the following options of common foods, having excellent therapeutic values, for the treatment of hyperactivity.

Take Celery Juice.

Place 1 lb of celery in the juicer to extract, if possible, 2 large glasses of juice. Add 1 teaspoon of acacia honey for taste.

Find more recipes like this in "Common Foods With Wonderful Healing Properties..." page 38.


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HEALING RECIPE FOR A CARDIOVASCULAR ACCIDENT Tags: Kenor International Kenor Dr Keny F Bastien Cures Treatments Cardiovascular Healing Recipe Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Powers




A cardiovascular accident or stroke can result in a blockage of blood circulation. This is sometimes caused by blood clots. In order to Reduce the symptoms of infarct or as a prevention method, it is recommended that you frequently drink natural juices. Very often individuals who suffer from infarcts are placed on blood thinners such as Coumadin. This is a drug that is no longer in circulation in France and other European countries. This drug artificially impoverishes the blood and has side effects that are much more devastating than the symptoms it is intended to heal. This recipe is one of many found on page 20 of "Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Properties."


Cayenne Pepper and Garlic Tea:

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder or 30 drops of cayenne pepper liquid extract.


Boil the garlic for 15 minutes in the equivalent of 1 and 1/2 cups of water. Immediately add the cayenne pepper or extract.

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Multiple partners: Biblical lessons mirrored by Health findings. Tags: Health Bible Spirituality Sex Stds Degenerative Diseases Dr Keny F Bastien Kenor International Seventh Day Adventist



Functional medicine's scientific validation of Biblical teachings regarding multiple sexual partners in or out of marriage.

"Most of the std that affect our population of teenagers and young adults do not simply disappear with antibiotherapy. They leave a specific imprint on our genome and immune system that will later influence the way we age and the degenerative disease we develop. Each of the multiple intercourses experience and even kisses through our lifetime change and substantially modify the configuration of our immune system according to the new findings in Epigenetics. It is definitely not a good thing to have or to have had several sexual partners. It's far better to have one wife and keep her your whole life."

- Dr.Keny Bastien




Women's Health: A FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE THERAPEUTIC APPROACH OF LEIOMYOMA OR FIBROIDS Tags: Kenor International Kenor Essay Research Women's Health Woman's Health Fibroid Leiomyoma Dr Keny F Bastien Horomones Hysterectomy


Fibroids or leiomyoma is a most common benign tumor found in females, most likely during the middle and later fertility years. They can grow and cause painful menstruation, difficult sexual intercourse, urinary frequency and urgency. Although benign and asymptomatic, for most of the frequent cases of leiomyoma, the scientific medical community estimates there could be only 0.1-0.5% malignant forms of fibroids.

3% of the fibroids can be located in a submucosal position interfering with the lining and the ability of the embryo to implant. There are several types of fibroids: submucosal, subserosal and cervical fibroids. The submucosal fibroids are located in the muscle beneath the endometrium invading the uterine cavity . Any benign lesion in that area can lead to infertility. The subserosal is found underneath the surface of the uterus and can enlarge to become a parasitic pedonculated leiomyoma detached from the uterus.

Leiomyoma or fibroids are often multiple. They appear round, well circumscribed. They usually look like solid nodules white or tan. They are made of cells uniform in size and shape with scarce mitosis. It also happens that they show atypical and mitotical activity. Leiomyoma submucosal, subserosal, or intramural, develop in the corpus of the uterus. Submucosal fibroids are more likely to cause bleeding, necrosis and infection.

Specific mutations of the MED12 protein has been observed in 70% of fibroid cases. many other factors such as genetic affiliation, fertlity treatment, xenoestrogens are identified as possible causes of fibroids. Estrogen and progesterone, seem to be involved in the growth of fibroidsas well as other factors such as: being of african descent, polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, obesity.

It has been observed that fibroids may grow or not grow during pregnancy. They inevitably increase in size with exogenous estrogen stimulation through menopausal estrogen replacement therapy or the use of oral contraceptives.

Estrogen and progesterone mitotic effects can be put in relation with prolactin signalling that controls the activity of the respective nuclear receptors. Both hormones influence the fibroid growth factors, the cytokines, the apoptotic mechanisms and the secretion of other hormones.

Estrogen promotes growth by up- regulating P53 enhancing the anti-apoptotic PcP4 function and antagonizing PPAR-gamma signalling. Progesterone up-regulates IGF-1, EGFR, TGF-beta1, TGF beta3 and PDGF, Bcl-2 while down regulates TNF-alpha causing the proliferation of leiomyoma cells. To add to our confusion, it has been observed that progesterone counteracts leiomyoma growth by down regulating IGF-1. The same hormone shows antagonistic behavior in relation with leiomyoma growth.

High concentration and activity of TGIF are observed in leiomyoma. The same agent behaves as a potential repressor of TGI- beta pathways in myometrial cells. ER-alpha and ER -beta and progesterones receptors are particularly active in premenopausal fibroids. ER-alpha genotype presents a significant correlation with the incidence and the size of leiomyoma among white females. This same correlation is far much higher for premenopausal black females with high incidence of fibroids.

Functional medicine favors and tends to enhance and reinforces the apoptosis of leiomyoma cells. PPAR receptor activation causes the inhibition of TGF-beta 3 expression and increases the apoptosis of leiomyoma cells.

Instead of fully accepting the statistic evidence established for 2.5 fold risk for first degree relative and nearly 6-fold risk when considering early onset cases of leiomyoma, we consider that the heredo-nutritional approach would do greater justice to the scientific truth. Since there is involvement of extracellular signalling pathways such as ERK1 and ERK2 which in fibroids are strongly influenced by hormones, we are lead to evaluate the direct impact of nutrition, and more specifically the Cori cycle on the growth of leiomyoma.

The endocrine implication invites to take into account the lipid metabolism as one of the major contributing factor of leiomyoma formation. As in cardiovascular disease, two main types of blood fat could be involved in leiomyoma: cholesterol and triglycerides. Cholesterol is a four ringed molecule, a sterol, precursor of various hormones, such as corticosteroids and 17-keto steroids. The body can make cholesterol from the products of sugar metabolism and can use the cholesterol available in food. If more is available from food, less is made in the body. The body makes most of its cholesterol from the sugar found in food. The saccharine disease or the slavery diet, being high in starch and sugar(sucrose), could play a major role in the creation of too much cholesterol in the body. It is also responsible for excess of calories leading to obesity. Cholesterol is one of the main components of atherosclerotic plaques.

Whenever a leiomyoma grows rapidly under high estrogen influence, it may outstrip its nutrition supply from nearly blood vessels resulting in the degeneration and death of the oxygen deprived tissue

Black females present a higher prevalence of ER-alpha and ER-beta, and progesterone receptors expression in premenopausal fibroids. This could be a clear indicator of a particular metabolic pathway modification associated with the eating pattern, Dr. Keny Bastien MD,MA., refers to as the slavery diet or the Saccharine disease diet ( Orthomolecular Medicine for Physicians).

It appears that atherosclerotic injury to uterine blood vessels associated with inflammation could be a causal factors of fibroids, as well as endocrine factors such as Angiotensine II via angiotensine II type 1 receptors. Aromatase and 17 Beta hydroxy-steroid-deshydrogenase are aberrantly expressed in fibroids converting androstenedione into estradiol. Aromatase secretion is abnormally high in african-american women compare to caucasian females.

There could be according to our investigation a definite hormonal influence and the interferences of carbohydrate and lipid metabolisms in the leiomyoma growth. The Functional medicine therapeutic approach to shrink or remove the fibroid differs theoretically and clinically from the allopathic recommendations.

Functional medicine suggests :

1) The restoration of the optimal estrogen-estrogen and estrogen-progesterone ratios as indicated by Dr . Maria Bell in the treatment of hormono-dependent cancers.

2) The use of Nicotinic acid as an inhibitor of cholesterol synthesis, ( Illingworth, Roger, Phillipson, Rapp and Connor 1981), resulting from the Cori cycle associated with the Saccharine disease diet.

3) The reduction of the cellular metabolic wastes, usually accumulated in the interstitial fluids and causing their substantial pH decrease, and increase viscosity which can be made possible with an alkaline diet. ( Dr. Keny F. Bastien: Common Foods with Wonderful healing Properties, Kenor International 2003).

4) The complete elimination of bread ( whole wheat or white), rice ( brown or white) and sugar from the diet.

5) Large intake of antioxidants and wide spectrum enzymes complex between meals to help break down the partially undigested or processed foods or metabolic wastes.


7) Improved sleeping pattern for the correction of the hormones cycles.


It's obvious that a lot more could be said regarding the treatment of leiomyoma without surgical procedures. Functional medicine only aknowledges that hysterectomy and other type of ablation or leiomyomectomy for therapeutic purposes , usually do not remove the conditions that create the pathological dysfunction. Scientifically it is more beneficial to preserve the anatomical wholeness and restore the integrity of the body fonctions for the patient well being.


Dr.Keny Bastien M.D., M.A., Kenor International.
Orlando, Florida,USA.
August 2, 2013



Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. Orthomolecular Medicine for Physicians The Keats library /Vol 2. Keats 1989.

The Burton Goldberg Group. Alternative medicine. The future medicine publishings.

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Dr. Keny Bastien M.D., M.A. Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Properties. Kenor International Edition, Florida, USA. 1998.

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Patsy Bostick Reed, Nutrition an applied science. West publishings, 1980.



Dr. Bastien guest lecture s at Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church (Videos). Tags: videos seventh day adventist church lectures seminars lakeland guest health and wellness spirituality dr keny f bastien kenor international

Dr. Keny F. Bastien does a series of guest lectures at Iglesia Adventista del Septimo Dia de Lakeland Florida (The Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church of Lakeland, FL) from July 20 - July 27, 2013. He spoke on Health, Wellness and Spirituality.


Videos from these lectures:



The Philosophy Behind the Approach Tags: philosophy kenor international health and wellness keny f bastien dr keny f bastien



Poor, as well as good, Life Management is linked to our education. Thus, ignorance accounts for diseases and illnesses in our lives. It is devastating to watch our loved ones forsake their health and succumb to suffering that could have been prevented.

Dr. Keny F. Bastien has made it the mission of his life to promote Health through Education. His sole purpose is to unveil to everyone the medicinal properties of foods commonly used in our diet, with the combination of nutrients, essential oils and vegetable juices in the healing of incurable diseases.
"We're living in a time when eighty is too early an age to die." God created us for joy and intimacy. Yet, anticipating our mistakes and needs, he provided Mother Nature with a great variety of vegetables and medicinal plants to perfectly meet our nutritional and medicinal needs.

At Kenor International, we believe that every health conscious person should learn to use natural remedies; fruits, legumes, grains and nuts, are much more appropriate for the human body than pharmaceutical drugs. We do not need to wait to be sick to use natural remedies or to take advantage of the Health Packages offered by Dr. Bastien and all their Health benefits of being sharp-looking and feeling great! New healthy patterns can become the best form of prevention against degenerative diseases and to repairing the self-restoration processes of the human body!




FOUNDER INTRODUCTION: Who is Dr. Keny F. Bastien? Tags: Dr Keny F Bastien Kenor International Introduction Welcome Biography About Us Credential


Dr. Keny F. Bastien: Kenor International
dr keny f bastien, kenor international, health and wellness doctor orlando
"Promoting Health Through Education"

Since 1997, Dr. Keny F. Bastien has held office as the President of Kenor International Corporation, a corporation that he founded with the mission of promoting Health Education and Wellness through compassionate lifestyle coaching. He has received the degree of Doctorate in Medicine from Sri Lanka Open International University, where he specialized in Functional Medicine and Cognitive Psychology. He has also obtained a Master's Degree in Cognitive Psychology from Mons State University (Universite de l'Etat de Mons) for his study of "The Intellectual Processes" and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Orthomolecular Nutrition from Donsbach University.

Dr. Bastien has practiced, in both Brussels and Paris, as an Alternative Medicine Wellness Consultant and Psycho-Nutritionist. He is not only responsible for having founded the first European University for Alternative Medicine in Europe; but he has also held many conferences, and radio and television programs in Belgium, France, Greece, USA, Holland, and Haiti. Dr. Bastien has also been noted to have dedicated many lectures and seminars to addressing a variety of topics surrounding Health and Wellness at the European Community Parliament in Brussels.

Dr. Bastien is the author of several books, and particularly including the most delightful and well-received one: "Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Properties." His science-based approach of the practice of Functional Medicine has lead him to create the first Universite Europeenne des Medecines Alternatives, UEMA (European University for Alternative Medicine, Journal le Moniteur belge, 1988.), and to be assigned with the role as Keynote Speaker of Health Conferences at the Berlaymont in Brussels (Le petit journal, Martine Cabannes, 1990.), during the entirety of 1990 at the European Parliament.

Bastien has been honored with an award of "BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR 2003 FOR THE STATE OF FLORIDA," by The Wall Street Journal. Since 1997, he has held office as President for Kenor International. This energy has transferred to all dynamics in his life, as he shares and extends his expertise to Freedom Harbor, as a Primary Physician of the Wellness Center, providing optimal health care services and health trainings by way of promoting Health and Wellness through Education.

In future months, Kenor International and Dr. Keny F. Bastien plan to expand brand and mission-oriented objectives to communities around the globe. Peru, itself, has been home to one of the first restaurants dedicated to Health and Wellness through organic foods by Kenor International's Sacorama chain. Other programs have been undergoing construction in that area, as well. Kenor International also extends its arms in Europe and throughout the Caribbean with a dedicated Health Clinic and annual retreat in St. Lucia, in addition to year-round consultations by phone and in-office visits. Dr. Keny F. Bastien continues giving seminars and lectures, while appearing on panels and for interviews, around the World.

To learn more about the Journey of Dr. Keny F. Bastien, Click Here.


Scholarly Works


  • Common Foods With Wonderful Healing Properties (Orlando, 2001.)
  • L'Apocalypse des messages de lumiere (France, 1986.)
  • Harmonizing Your Digestive Functions (Belgium, 1990.)
  • Propositions Pour un Centre de Formation Agricole et Artisanale en Haiti (Belgium, 1981.)


Audio Books

  • Alimentation et Spiritualite (Belgium, 1990.)
  • Nutrition, Love and Sexuality (Orlando, 1997.)
  • Brain and Prayer (Orlando, 1997.)
  • The Ultimate Choice (Orlando, 1997.)
  • Aante et Delivrance Pour Haiti (Orlando, 1999.)


Journal Articles

  • Magic, Sex and Power / Magie, Sexe et Pouvor | Journal du Samedi (Haiti, 1982).
  • Voodoo and Irrationalism / Le Vandou et L'irrationnel | Signs of Times (France, 1983).
  • Appropriate Commentary on the Strength of the Ego According to Hartman | (Belgium, 1981). 
  • The Breath of God  | The United Haitians Home Page (, 2001). 


​​Books in Progress

  • The Biology of Beauty
  • The Ultimate Choice
  • The Brain and Prayer



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